The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Safe Halloween, Despite Covid-19

Covid-19 has already changed the way we see so many holidays this year, disrupting regular events like birthdays, holidays and sports. Luckily there are plenty of enjoyable, safe ways we can enjoy Halloween without dampening all the spooky fun.

After all, Halloween is the one day of the year we don’t have to feel out of place wearing a mask! Here are some new “tricks” you can use to Covid-proof your Halloween celebrations.

  1. Re-thinking trick or treating

If you’re in an area with no Covid-19 cases, trick or treat but be sure to take care. Load up on hand sanitiser before leaving the house, and if you can’t trick or treat in your own neighbourhood, go and visit friends and family and let your kids trick or treat at their houses. You could even trick or treat in your own home and create spooky themes in each room!

  1. Covid-safe treat bags

If you’d like to leave tasty treats out for local kids, try leaving them grouped in separate Halloween candy bags with individually-wrapped candies and chocolates inside to ensure you are maintaining good hygiene. This the safest way to share the Halloween fun as it means you don’t need to touch anything edible, yet it doesn’t stop you from getting to know the rest of your neighbourhood safely.

If kids usually like to ring your doorbell, you can even leave spooky hand sanitiser by the door, customised with creepy plastic spiders or insects inside the bottles!

  1. Customised masks

Finally, a day we can celebrate wearing masks! While there are a range of colourful and creative masks out there that can offer protection, customising a mask is a whole Halloween activity in itself.

Cloth masks are a great way of protecting yourself when out and about in public, especially in conjunction with good hygiene. The best part is, you can even get creative and make your own cloth mask using spooky fabrics. Get creative with imaginative fabrics that suit the theme of your Halloween costume. Just be sure the mask fully covers your mouth and nose and has at least 2-3 layers as suggested.

If you’re short on time, simply buy a plain cloth mask and get decorating. For princesses, fairies and unicorns, bezaddle a glittery face mask! Line diamantes, sequins or glitter around the edges of your mask or paint a rainbow on it using colourful acrylic fabric paint.

For a scary monster, ghoul or demon, paint jagged teeth, a skull, or huge fangs onto your mask! Be sure to have a few spare masks set aside to test different designs.

  1. Pull out all the stops decorating

If you’re not going trick-or-treating this year, go all out with decorating inside your home instead. Set the mood in your living room with candles or spooky lighting, stick cobwebs in dark corners and create a “ghoul” or scarecrow in your living room!

For a really creepy Halloween setting, invest in a smoke machine and play spooky music in your backyard. If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, carve a pumpkin and place a candle or light inside it.

  1. Host a spooky get-together

Invite close friends or family over in person if restrictions permit, for a frightfully fun night of laughs, treats and scares! You could watch a spooky film together, play scary games or make tasty Halloween treats at home. Adults can join in by making Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Ideally, share-style food should come in individually-wrapped portions or be pre-packaged. Be sure to write your visitor’s names on plastic cups so no-one gets theirs mixed up.

If restrictions don’t permit gatherings in your state, use the day as an excuse to celebrate over Zoom!

  1. Boo your friends and neighbours

Boo-ing is a new Halloween trend that’s becoming all the rage with kids and adults alike. It’s a fun, no-contact way to treat a neighbour and share some spook-tastic Halloween fun. Leave a Boo bucket on your neighbour’s front doorstep and watch as they pay it forward to someone else.

Find out exactly how to boo someone here.

Unsure of whether or not to trick or treat in your neighbourhood? Follow government health advice and stay informed about any recent cases in your local area. If your suburb is a Coronavirus hotspot or you’re feeling even slightly unwell, don’t go door-to-door. Make sure to always abide by social distancing restrictions, practice safe hygiene, and follow government advice in your local area.

Like any event this year, we need to re-think how we celebrate Halloween to ensure it is safe and fun for everyone. But, with a little creativity, we can still make it work without having to forgo this fun holiday. How will you celebrate Halloween this year?