Centre Management

Phone: (03) 9401 4111 – adjacent to the Urban Diner food court, Target end of the Centre.

Disabled Parking

Adjacent to all entries.

Designated accessible parking bays are shown by a sign with a wheelchair, and exist to provide easier access for people with a disability. They are not for the convenience of people who are stopping for a short time or waiting for someone.

Only people who have a Category 1 Permit correctly displayed on the windscreen of their vehicle are allowed to park in these spaces.

If you stop in a designated accessible parking bay without a permit, you will be fined.

To find out if you qualify and how to apply, see the Whittlesea Council link ‘Disabled Parking Permit’.

Pacific Epping Car Parking

As of 16th August 2010 time limits were introduced at Pacific Epping to provide better customer access to car parking spaces located closest to the centre’s entrances. The introduction of 4 hour, 2 hour and 1 hour restrictions will improve the flexibility in the use of our car parks. The timed restrictions will alleviate the congestion caused by public transport commuters, retailers and surrounding business employees.

Parking closest to the Supermarkets and H&G are limited to two (2) hours. Please refer to parking signs in all parking zones for further information.

Please observe and be aware of the permitted time limits when entering the Centre car park. Parking signs limit the amount of time a car can be parked in a spot. You must not park your car for longer than the time shown on the sign or you risk a fine.

If you have any enquiries please contact Centre Management on (03) 9401 4111.

Wheel Chairs

Both push and motorised wheelchairs are available free of charge from our Customer Service Desk.  For bookings please call (03) 9401 4111


ANZ ATM located at branch and JB Hi Fi entrance.
Cash Connect ATM located at Reading Cinema’s.
CBA ATM located in the Urban Diner Food Court.
NAB ATM located at branch.
Redi ATM located at CUA branch opposite COLES.
Westpac ATM located at branch & H&G Fresh Produce entrance.

Children’s  Kiddy Cruisers

Are available from our Customer Service Desk to use whilst shopping. For further information please call (03) 9401 4111

Photocopying & Faxing

Facilities are available through Centre Management Office for a small charge. Also available at Australia Post.


Available at Centre wide. Look out for the pop-up ‘Free Wifi Epping’ on your smart phones and you’ll be up and running in seconds, or simply find ‘Free Wifi Epping’ in your Wifi Settings, enter your details and you will have 30 mins free roaming.

Lost Property

Please visit Guest Services or Centre Management Office or telephone (03) 9401 4111

Public Telephones

Located adjacent to both Food Courts and at the High Street taxi rank.

Baby Care Facilities

Our 5 Star awarded (Australian Breastfeeding Association) Parents Room provides feeding areas, changing mats, a microwave and separate toilet area and is located adjacent to both Food Courts.

Public & Disabled Toilets

Public and Disabled Toilets are available in 3 separate locations in the centre, adjacent to each Food Court and near Angus & Coote Jewellery opposite Woolworths.

Taxi Ranks

This service is located adjacent to the Whittlesea Community Connections Information Office (High Street side) and in front of Schnitz, next to Urban Diner Restaurant & Entertainment Precinct (Cooper Street side).

Bus Services

Buses are located in the Cooper Street car park, adjacent to the Degani/Big W entrance  to the Centre, routes 569, 901, 555, 556, 571, 575 & 577.

Urban Diner Restaurant & Entertainment Precinct

Urban Diner Restaurant & Entertainment Precinct is located adjacent to the Cooper Street Car Park which includes Reading Cinemas and Reading Cineams Gold Lounge, TimeZone, Hunky Dory, PappaRich, Ajisen Ramen, Gami Chicken, Saluti, The Groove Train, The Coffee Club, Laurie Dee’s Hamburgers & Frozen Custard, Epping Plaza Hotel (TAB, Tabaret and restaurant), Schnitz, La Famiglia, China Bar Buffet Signature, San Churro, Nando’s and T.G.I. Friday’s.


Metlink – Tailored Public Transport Solution

Metlink have created a way to help make Public Transport travelling easier; the Journey planner.

The Journey planner is a web-based tool that provides access to public transport service information with the click of a mouse. By simply selecting an origin, destination and time of travel, the journey planner sorts through thousands of routes, stops and arrival times across the train, tram, bus and regional networks.

The journey planner instantly provides a plan to get you to your destination by the best possible route, according to the customer’s preferences, using trains, trams and buses.

To access the Journey Planner visit:

Pacific Epping Online Contractor Induction

As part of our OHS&E Policy, Pacific Epping requires that all contractors working on our site/s undertake an Online Health & Safety Induction Training Course prior to entry.

Please arrange for ALL contractors to undertake the global and site specific inductions prior to commencement of any works.

Taking an online induction course is easy and takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The online induction can be undertaken from anywhere using a standard Web Browser. For more information please contact Centre Management on 03 9401 4111.