Holi Festival

Sunday 8 March & Monday 9 March

Join us for a day of family fun with Bollywood Dancing & Workshops, Henna Tattooing and a Kids Coloured Flour Fight!

Flour Fight 10am-3pm

Bring your kids down to our Urban Diner Carpark for a fun obstacle and coloured flour fight!

25 Children Limit Per Session – 15 Minute Sessions

Sessions Times:

  • 10am
  • 10:30am
  • 11am
  • 11:30am
  • 12pm
  • 12:30pm
  • 1pm
  • 1:30pm

Bollywood Dancing 11am & 1pm

Enjoy Bollywood Performances and then learn to dance with trained Bollywood Dancers! Located in the Best & Less Dome.

Henna Tattooing 11am-2pm

Get a beautiful Henna Tattoo by an experienced Henna Artist in our Best & Less Dome.


Do you have to pay to participate in the coloured ‘Flour Fight’?

  • No, participation is FREE

What age groups are allowed to participate?

  • Children aged 5-15 are permitted

What do we wear?

  • Old clothes must be worn, preferably white
  • All children participating in the Flour Fight must wear a mask and goggles
  • A change of clothes is recommended

What is the ‘Flour Fight’?

  • A 10 minute activation where kids run through the obstacle course and get coloured flour thrown on them by staff

What do we need to do to participate?

  • All guardians must sign a waiver form in order for their children to participate
  • These waiver forms will be available on site
  • Sign Up to Pacific Epping’s Database

Where will the ‘Flour Fight’ take place?

  • The activation will take place in the Urban Diner Car Park (Opposite Schnitz)

What is the age limit for Henna Tattooing?

  • Minimum age of 2 years old

Does the Henna Tattoo cause a reaction?

  • No, our Henna Tattoo artist uses her all natural homemade paste with essential oils

What is the age limit for Bollywood Dancing?

  • Ages 12 and under

NOTE: If a child has any health or respiratory issues they are not to participate in the Flour Fight.