A Season of Thanks

Send in your message of gratitude to be featured on Pacific Epping’s Wall of Thanks.

After a tumultuous year, this festive season will be like no other. It’ll be a time of celebration, of saying thanks to our friends, family and wider community for their support and kindness as we begin to look toward a new year. It is a time to celebrate someone, or something, you’re thankful for.  It is a time to take a moment and reflect on all the little things that bring you joy.  We want you to share those little things with us and help us create a ‘Wall of Thanks‘ at Pacific Epping.

Simply send us an email with your message of gratitude and photo, or share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram page to be featured on Eastland’s Wall of Thanks. Images and messages supplied will be used to create a physical Wall of Thanks that will be displayed in our Centre.

Email your message of thanks along with any photos you’d like to share, to eppingmarketing@pe.qic.com. #ALittleThanks